Derrick Levasseur Takes Us Inside "Breaking Homicide"

Over the last ten years, Investigation Discovery received countless calls and emails from viewers seeking help with unsolved homicide cases. The network’s answer to those requests came in the form of the hit series "Breaking Homicide," which returns for its second season. "Breaking Homicide" follows former Rhode Island Police Sergeant Derrick Levasseur as he investigates cases from desperate families who are still searching for justice.

Chasing down new clues and reexamining old ones, Levasseur re-evaluates each case with fresh eyes and the benefit of more advanced technology, applying his unique experiences as an undercover detective to meticulously dissect each case from top to bottom. Levasseur scours the locations of each crime for new information, sitting down with the original investigators, friends and families of the victims to try to uncover new clues that could solve these cases once and for all.

@DerrickL joined the show today to discuss the new season of "Breaking Homicide" with @GaryandShannon!

Derrick Levasseur is a decorated police sergeant from Central Falls, Rhode Island. Hired at only twenty years old, he was one of the youngest officers in the department’s history and worked in the Patrol Division, Detective Division and later the Special Investigations Unit as an undercover detective, where he worked with the ATF, DEA, FBI, and US Secret Service. Throughout his career, Derrick received multiple awards, including the Medal of Valor, which is the highest honor a sworn officer can receive. In 2017, he was the recipient of the American Red Cross “Hero Award” after saving seven people from a burning building. Derrick’s newly published first book,The Undercover Edge, reached #1 in New Releases in the first five days.

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