The Impact Of Support On Health - With The Dad Podcast

We can all pretty much agree that support is a good thing.

It feels good when there are people there for you in difficult times and it's nice to know that you can help people through their trials.

But did you know that supportive people actually have a massive impact on your health?

Take the relationship between mothers and fathers immediately after childbirth, for example.

According to a study outlined in The New York Times, these are pivotal days for the mom, and having the dad available to be supportive can drastically drop the need for anti-anxiety meds, antibiotic prescriptions, and visits to specialists. Sweden is utilizing a program for this, allowing dads 30 days off of work within the first year of their child's birth so they can there to support the mom.

Now, Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast thinks this is stuff is a little bit of overkill. It's another detail in the study that he thinks deserves a bit more conversation.

"I think the most important thing mentioned in this article is the point about fathers who are given a chance to bond with their babies are more likely to stay involved. Other research I have read shows that involved fathers are the best deterrent to crime, depression, and substance abuse. Having an involved father usually leads to adults who are disciplined and more likely to succeed."

Another study outlined by Loma Linda University Health explains that being a "cold" mom can actually change your child's DNA.


According to the study, having unsupportive moms can cause you to have short telomeres (the protective pieces on the ends of your DNA), leading to a shorter life.

To hear more of Justin's take on the impact of support on health and other parenting topics, you can check out all of his stuff at The Dad Podcast.

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