Say Hello To Justin Beaver

I think people who rescue animals are just amazing people. The love and care it takes to do it is something I aspire to, I think I would cry too much to be effective. But I love seeing the success stories and thanks to the internet, we get to see a lot of them

This story apparently came out 10 months ago, but despite the fact that it has more than 6 million views on YouTube and 41 million views on Facebook, I never saw it and if I haven't seen it, I'm going to assume some of you haven't seen it, so here it'll put a smile on your face.

Meet Justin Beaver...or JB as his mom calls him.

JB was found all alone by himself, somehow he lost his family, but he was too small to survive on his own, so Brigette Brouillard stepped in. She is the director of Second Chances Wildlife Center, which helps to rescue and rehabilitate animals with the hope to release them back into the wild.

JB was too small to go to the center, so Brigette brought him into her home. He was the first beaver she ever had to rehabilitate, so she had a lot to learn. For example, he needed to be in water a few times a day, so she made sure that she taught him how to swim in the bathtub. And, because he's a beaver, he loves to chew, so she would bring in sticks from outside, but that didn't stop JB from chewing on any kind of wood he could find in the house!

When JB started collecting things from around the house, shoes, stuffed animals, plastic tubs, rugs, lacrosse sticks, and putting them in piles, at first she didn't realize what he was doing. Then she realized that he was collecting things to create dams, because, that's what beavers do!

Brigette knows he can't live in the house all his life and he can't really be released totally into the wild, so her family is building a pond on her property so that JB can be outside and enjoy life as a beaver.

Check out JB's antics below and find more amazing animal rehab stories on their website and their Facebook page.

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