Filth From Homeless Camp Is Attracting Rats To Los Angeles' City Hall

Los Angeles Dismantles Occupy LA Encampment

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Oh boy.

What a problem to have.

After being dealt with handful of complaints earlier in the year from city workers about rats taking over L.A City Hall, most city officials admit there was no communication on if the problem was connected the abundance of homeless camps outside.

But let's be honest.

It's Los Angeles here.

Of course a new report just came out highlighting that a pest control company hired by the city confirms these accusations.

CatsUSA Pest Control warned the city that the homeless people outside the City Hall create "harborage for rodents".

This report raises concerns over what officials originally said during City Council meetings. It seems that they extremely downplayed the situation.

Why wouldn't they?

They're doing nothing to fix the homeless problem. Can't admit to the fact that they're attracting rats to City Hall.

“The homeless are using the grated areas above the pits as their bathroom and relieving themselves,” wrote David Costa, building construction and maintenance superintendent. “This is also attracting the rats. Custodial will need to do some hazmat cleaning of the grates and the pits. There are even hypodermic needles being tossed in the pits along with human waste and other garbage.”

John and Ken speak with Eric Preven, a member of the Studio City Neighborhood, on a report he found that showed that the filth from homeless camps is luring rats to L.A City Hall.

Listen below:

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