Twitter Pokes Fun at a Terrifying Helicopter Situation

What easily should have been a routine helicopter rescue turned into a twirly situation that's become quite meme worthy. On Tuesday morning, authorities were called to aid in the rescue of a 75-year old woman injured while hiking at Piestewa Peak in Phoenix. The woman, who fell and hit her head, has not been identified. The Phoenix Police Department assisted in the aerial rescue that has been performed at that department over 200 times in the last 6 years.

"Sometimes if we’re in a canyon, it’s a strong windy day, it will spin on us," chief pilot Paul Apolinar stated. "It’s not something that happens very often, but sometimes it just does. And when it does, we’re trained to take care of it."

Things got twisted when a line connected to the hoist used to prevent windmilling snapped.

"So we brought it down again, brought it back up, hoping some of the spin would lessen, which it didn't, obviously," Apolinar said.

We're happy to report that the woman is fine and only suffered a little nausea and dizziness.

Fox 10 captured the clip of the woman spinning, but Twitter turned it into something else.

The music. They didn't have to add the music.

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