Oops... Murder Suspect ACCIDENTALLY Released From Florida Jail

A manhunt is underway for a murder suspect who was accidentally released from a Florida jail last week...

Fort Lauderdale resident Eric Vail had been locked up since January, when he was arrested on a second-degree murder charge in connection with the October 2018 death of Wadarius Harris. In April, a grand jury bumped up Vail's charge to first-degree murder.

Both charges remained on file until last week, when a judge dismissed the earlier one. Seeing that the charge had been dropped, jail officials let Vail go the following day.

In a statement released Monday, the Broward Sheriff's Office appeared to blame the snafu on the Florida Attorney's Office, saying officials had "received unequivocal direction from the state attorney's office that the second-degree murder charge on Eric Vail had been dismissed. We did not have and have not yet located any documentation stating the subject was to be held on another charge."

Read all about the costly accident on Local10 News.

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