How To Prepare For An Active Shooter Situation

Active shooter situations have become fairly common in the United States. The latest was on Friday, when an employee killed 12 people at a Virginia Beach municipal office building.

Threat Scenarios is a company based in the Bay Area that aims to help civilians and law enforcement prepare and handle violent situations, like active shooters. They released their four main points to remember in such an event:

  1. Situational awareness. Identifying threats before they become threats. Pick out exits and plan for a means of escape.
  2. Run. Try to get out of the area as fast as possible. If exits are blocked, one may be forced to create their own (ex. breaking a window.)
  3. Hide. Lock yourself in an office and find a piece of cover.
  4. Fight. If everything fails, you must fight with "surprise, speed and violent action."

"These situations are very dynamic and incredibly dangerous and all we can do is teach people that having a plan and being acclimated to stress can help improve their odds," co-owner Brad Engmann said. "But there is no solution to how you can survive something like this."

Brad Engmann joined the John and Ken show today to discuss how you can stay informed and prepared. Take a listen below:

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