Jury Recommends Death Sentence for John Hernandez Felix

Photo courtesy of Riverside County Sheriff's Office

Back on October 8, 2016 police officers responded to a domestic dispute call. This was the fateful night where John Hernandez Felix used an AR-15 to fire back at officers. He fired 21 shots and killed two officers. These officers names were Jose "Gil" Vega and Lesley Zerebny. He also injured a handful of other officers. He was arrested around twelve hours when SWAT came to the scene.

In court, Vega and Zerebny's family and friends remembered these fallen heroes.

Vega's brother said, "When this is over, all this ugliness, we're going to remember him for who he was - a great man".

Sergeant Shawn Flynn remembered, "He always had a joke for you. He was Gil".

Zerebny's sister, Britta Kling testified saying, "I always thought we'd die together. And, in a way, we did".

Finally, Zerebny's husband talks about how he will try to make sure that he will tell his wife's story to their daughter.

This Thursday, the jury has recommended that Felix get the death sentence for his crimes.

The Desert Sun reminds us that this recommendation does not mean that Felix will get the death penalty. This decision ultimately comes down to Judge Anthony Villalobos who will announce the sentencing on August 30th.

Listen to John talk to David Kling, father of Lesley Zerebny below.

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