Colonel Terry Virts Visits the Show

Terry Virts is a retired United States Air Force Colonel who has been on two spaceflights, was part of the Space Shuttle Endeavor mission back in 2010, was an F-16 test pilot, and was part of a 200-day flight in the Space Station.

But did he stop there?

No of course he didn't!

Back on land, he filmed and appeared A Beautiful Planet which is an IMAX film narrated by Jennifer Lawrence.

He has also written a book, View from Above, which features pictures he took in space and his experiences during spaceflight. (It also has a foreward by Buzz Aldrin).

Some of his earthly projects also include being part of the coverage of the 2017 solar eclipse on National Geographic, taking film of Antarctica, and using drones to shoot footage of great white sharks in the Mexico area.

So he's done now, right? He's done everything he can ever do, right?

No! He's still not done.

Besides working on his new book, he wants to honor the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. The project is called 'One More Orbit' and will be a live streaming event featuring a Gulfstream G650 in an orbit of earth. By the way, this will break a world aviation record.

So, he's kind of a cool guy.

We were lucky enough to get him in studio.

Listen to the full interview below!

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