Video: Small Bear Trapped in Missouri School

A small black bear in Missouri must have decided it was time to start his education!

The poor guy broke into a Catholic church / school and ended up lost inside.

Thankfully classes were out for the summer, so no students were around...but the pastor, Father Joe Kempf, was and explained to the local CBS affiliate that the bear must have gotten in through an open door:

“The principal calls, kind of breathless: ‘There’s a bear in the school, there’s a bear in the school!” hetold CBS affiliate KMOV. “Now we have all these security lock-down drills and all these facilities secure things, which we do very well — I thought she forget the safe word. I thought there was an intruder. She goes, ‘It’s really a bear.’ I go, ‘This is really awesome!'”

Animal officials tried to lure the bear out, but after it wouldn't go, they eventually tranquilized the 90 pound bear and took him to a heavily wooded area away from homes and businesses.

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