Teacher Facing Scrutiny For Writing "WTF Is This?" On Student's Assignment

A Florida high school teacher is facing major criticism after writing a slang term for a profanity word when grading on her student's homework assignment.

What did she write you ask?

"WTF is this?"

The student's mother, Melinda Smith, said she was shocked when her son showed her his science homework.

"Just seeing WTF what is this, you know, basically... is this there's no credit, it wasn't anything about not getting the credit, it was more so the language about what the writing to students, that was very inappropriate and not acceptable for a teacher whatsoever," said Smith.

Smith believes this remark is grounds for the the school district to implement consequences on the teacher.

"I think for sure she needs to be reprimanded, I believe that something should be placed in her file," said Smith.

The teacher in question, who teaches at Rutherford High School, has declined requests to make a comment.

The school principal, Coy Pilson, said the district is taking the necessary steps to deal with the incident. The district does not plan on releasing the teacher's name at this time.

"Once we were notified, I notified district officials and our HR has been involved and they're currently investigating the situation," said Pilson.

Pilson has spoken with the teacher about her comment and said, "She was apologetic and it was a mistake on her part."

He continued on by explaining that all of the teachers at Rutherford High School are caring, loving teachers and we're also human and so, we make mistakes, but we understand that we are called to a high professional standard and when we make mistakes we try to correct those mistakes and move forward."

Pilson did not say what punishment the teacher is looking to face.

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