Los Angeles Is Hosting A Competition To Find The Safest Driver In SoCal

Okay, so Los Angeles is tired of hearing everyone say they're the best driver.

You know you've said that before. Don't lie to us.

Well now's your chance to prove it.

The city of Los Angeles is hosting a competition to find the safest driver and a total of $70,000 in cash prizes will be awarded.

Sign us up!!!

But okay what's being scored?

The rules say people's score will be based on speed, braking, acceleration and distractions. People involved in the competition will have to download the L.A's Safest Driver app and the app will track your driving habits.

Doesn't sound too shabby.

The contest starts June 3 and runs through the end of July.

Los Angeles is hoping that by the end of this competition, it'll raise more awareness on safe driving.

For more information, please read here.

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