#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelorette Report with Petros

I'm not sure I'm gonna survive this season.

Honestly, man.

They all just suck so bad.

"Oh my gosh, Hannah. I've known you for like 6 days and I just know I love you."

"Oh my gosh, Hannah. I love kissing you and everything but it makes me mad that other guys kiss you."

"Oh my gosh, Hannah. All of these other guys are just the worst people in the world. I'm the best guy ever."

"Oh my gosh, Hannah. Why would you say I'm strategic and jealous? I'm just being genuine about my truth."


#1 - You don't love her! You just think she's hot!

#2 - It's a TV show! It's how it works!

#3 - No! You're not! You all suck!

#4 - Again, you suck!

At least a guy cried this week.

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