Video: Lyft Passenger Brutally Attacking Driver

Crazy video of a New York Lyft driver being punched by his passenger has gone viral.

The driver, Eduardo Madiedo, says the attack happened as he was driving two passengers to Mt. Sinai Hospital.

The incident kicked off when the male passenger, who is seen on the dash-cam footage moaning in pain in the backseat, tells Madiedo to drive faster.

Feeling his demand wasn't being met, he began to use profane language and after Madiedo warned him if he continues he'll pull over and drop him off is when the passenger launches himself over the seat.

“Out of nowhere, he started punching in back of the head as much as he could," Madiedo told NBC News, adding that he was in the middle of rush hour traffic and was struggling to keep control of the car during the attack. “I wear driving glasses that he knocked off my face.”

Eventually the assault ends as the man dashes out of the car and his companion leaves to chase after him.

Lyft later said they have banned the man from their platform and as of publication, the man hasn't been apprehended.

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