TSA Spent Special Fund on Minor Improvements

People who traveled through five of the country's biggest international airports left behind some loose change -- and the Transportation Security Administration is spending it wisely.

Lines are always long and it will always take people hours to get through TSA checkpoints, and you'd think any little money they get would be spent on improving people's experience.

NOPE. Last year, they collected $960,105.49 and haven't spent a dime yet.

But this isn't the first year they've collected almost a million dollars!

In past years, the loose change left by passengers has been spent on checkpoint maintenance, new signage in different languages, and system improvements.

You would think they would hire dozens of TSA agents instead, or make improvements to the way they do things altogether.

Out of that almost million dollars, JFK has contributed the most to this special fund they have.

They collected $72,392.74 at JFK, $71,748.83 at LAX, and $50,504.49 at Miami International. O'Hare contributed to just under $50,000, and they collected a little more than $41,000 at Newark International.

They debuted new baggage scanners last summer, so it looks like the TSA doesn't really need your money.

So, if you left some change at any of these airports last year, good luck trying to get it back. It's not very easy telling apart your quarters from my nickels.

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