Border Patrol Proposes Babysitters For Illegal Immigrants


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We never thought we would say this.

But Border Patrol agents are looking to add babysitters to the list of people who work for them.

I know, you're just as confused as us.

According to the Washington Times, the Border Patrol is looking to add a new job category that would focus on the babysitting duties so it would allow the agents to have more time patrolling the front lines of the border.

The agency says that they'll dive more into this request in 2020. They are unaware how many people they will need or even what training will look like.

A Customs and Border Protection official who briefed reporters said they don’t know costs or many of the logistics, but he said the need was undeniable.

This requests comes after the numbers showed how often agents were spending their time taking care of the sick migrants in Border Patrol custody. A lot of their time is spent transporting them, providing care and feeding, and taking some to the hospital. It's just a lot of care and time that's taken away from their actual job of patroling the border lines.

With the crisis of the migrants trying to invade the border, it makes sense to us that they would need to hire people who's role is to specifically take care of the migrants in custody. It's no easy ta

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Listen below to hear John and Ken discuss the possibility of this.

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