Bellio's Special Gift For Tim Conway Jr.

Producer Sheron Bellio surprised Tim Conway Jr. with something special today.

In honor of his dad, Tim Conway, she asked Randy Bish of Bishtoons to make a portrait of Tim and his dad at the race track.

In case you forgot, Randy Bish is the artist who made the comic of Tim Conway being welcomed to Heaven by Harvey Korman.

Tim and his was family was so moved by the original portrait that Sheron Bellio wanted to gift Tim a personalized one of him and his dad doing what they love most.

The portrait shows Tim Jr. and Tim Sr. standing in line at Santa Anita Park.

Tim Jr. is saying "Who do you like in the fourth race, Pop?" with a response from Tim Sr. saying "Siamese Elephant".


Listen to Tim Conway Jr's reaction below.

For more information on Randy Bish and Bishtoons you can check out his Twitter and Website.

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