Renowned Bassist Billy Sherwood On The Tim Conway Jr. Show Tonight!

Photo Credit: Billy Sherwood Facebook Page

You won't want to miss tonight's show. We'll be having Billy Sherwood on the show to talk about his brand new solo album "Citizen: In The Next Life." The full album releases July 12, but currently, he has released one of his songs, "The Partisan," which is linked below.

This new album is the second part of Sherwood's "Citizen" series, which follows "The Citizen" as he travels through space and time to experience significant historical events through his own eyes.

When discussing the song "The Partisan," Sherwood told the rock news site Louder that "The song is about Adolf Hitler and follows his rise to power and eventual fall. Sophia is about the first ever A.I. to be formally recognized and declared a citizen of a nation (Saudi Arabia). It explores the notion that perhaps this isn't such a great idea and 'just because we can doesn't mean we should."

We'd also like to mention that you have the opportunity to see Sherwood perform with the band "Asia" on July 27, 2019 at the Five Points Amphitheater in Irvine!

Be sure to follow Billy on his social media pages.

Instagram: @billysherwoodmusic

Twitter: @BillySherwood5

Facebook: @BillySherwoodMusic

Here's the entire song list of the album if you want to check it out.

Billy Sherwood: Citizen: In The Next Life

1. The Partisan

2. Sophia

3. Monet

4. Skywriter

5. We Shall Ride Again

6. Via Hawking

7. By Design

8. Sailing The Seas

9. Mata Hari

10. Hold Quite

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