Is Horse Racing Being Targeted by Activist Groups?


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Another horse has been put down at Santa Anita racetrack putting the total number of horse deaths to 26 since late December.

Now, more and more people are asking how horse deaths can be reduced.

Now the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is demanding horse racing to be stopped until a full investigation has been concluded.

The Washington Post pulls a quote from the the senior vice president of PETA, Kathy Guillermo, where she says, "Santa Anita and all California tracks must suspend racing until the ongoing investigation by the district attorney is complete and the new rules have been strengthened". She continues by saying, "Decreasing the number of broken bones is not enough. ...Nothing short of a zero-fatality rate is acceptable".

Even though this is the 26th death this year, has there really been a spike in horse deaths this year? Or are these deaths being trumped up by the media to try to shut down horse racing?

Listen to Bryan Suits talk about it below!

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