Home Depot Employees Build Walker Out Of PVC Pipes For A 2-Year-Old Boy

We all know Tim Conway Jr.'s favorite store is The Home Depot.

He share his stories about his visits to the hardware there all the time.

Well, this one made us smile.

At a Home Depot in Georgia, employees did something very special.

When they heard that a 2-year-old was having trouble getting around, they helped his parents make him something extraordinary.

Logan has Hypotonia, a disease that affects his muscle tone. It also plays a major part in how he walks.

His parents weren't sure if their insurance would cover a walker that Logan needed, so they decided they'd make their own.

After searching YouTube videos, they learned how to make a walker out of a PVC pipe.

So the family took the trip to Home Depot to look for the necessary items. Once they got there, they started talking to the employees about what they were doing. Employees then told the family to go out for ice cream and to come back in an hour.

When the family came back, the Home Depot employees made the walker themselves. They even added Logan's name to it!

How sweet!

For more information, please read here.

Listen to Tim Conway Jr. talk about this story and more on Home Depot below!

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