Ben Gleib Is Running for President

The race for the 2020 presidency is heating up!

The New York Times has reported that there are 23 Democratic candidates.

But there is one candidate that they haven't counted on.

Ben Gleib may be a comedian who hosts the Idiotest on Netflix, but he also deeply cares about this country.

Many people have called President Trump one big heckler. And who better to deal with a heckler than a comedian?

And that is why, earlier this month Ben Gleib announced his run for presidency.

He stands for several things, but some of his biggest issues he wants to focus on include:

  • "Not letting the robots take over"
  • "Combining white collar prisons and blue collar prisons"
  • "Treating all humans humanely"
  • And so much more.

Listen to Bryan Suits learn more about Ben's road to the White House below!

If Ben seems like someone you want to support, you can join him movement at To keep up with him, check out his Twitter.

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