SHLS - The Great Macaw Mystery!

Close-Up Of Scarlet Macaw Perching Against Clear Sky

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

We've all had a pet that feels just as important as any other member of the family.

But what do you do when the worst happens to that pet? I'm not talking about when the pet dies. I mean what happens if the pet gets kidnapped?

CBS reports on Mario Cifuentes, a man who is "heartbroken" after watching footage of his pet macaw, Baby, being kidnapped.

Cifuentes says, "In the beginning, we thought maybe a cat or dog got him".

After they checked their security cameras, they saw a burglar take the bird in some sort of bag.

Cifuentes commented on how "brutal" the kidnapping was and says, "We are hoping we can get him back safe and uninjured".

Listen to Bryan Suits recap this story and talk about his run-ins with macaws below!

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