Uber Looking To Begin Food Delivery By Drone

Drone flying over a futuristic city

Uber, the ride-sharing and on-demand food delivery service is taking the company to the next level. On March 21st, the company filed paperwork with the FAA to begin testing food delivery via drones. For now, if approved, the service will be limited within the San Diego city limits and fly below 400 feet with a range of 3.5 miles.

The petition states that "Uber Elevate, Inc. seeks permission to conduct small UAS (unmanned aircraft system) air carrier operations for commercial food package delivery in the United States, initially in the City of San Diego," the petition reads in part. Uber plans to use the AirRobot 200 drone, larger than the typical devices used by videographers.

The public currently has two weeks to provide thoughts and feedback on the proposal. Visit the FAA's website. The deadline for comment is 8:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on June 10.

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