#TechTalk: It Is Time To Buy A Dash Cam

Just trust our super smart Canadian and buy yourself a dash cam.

Now really is the best time.

I'm not talking about increased crime and heavier traffic. I'm just talking about the product, the quality of the product, and the cost.

You don't need to do a bunch of research.

Marc Saltzman already did it and he put it all together for us on Everything Zoomer!

Basic Features

  • Cost - They start at $35 and you can get a big memory card for another $20.
  • Quality - It's easy to find them with 1080p HD quality and some even come in 4K.
  • Install - They mount to the windshield or dashboard.
  • Power - Built-in battery, USB port, or 12-volt

Advanced Features

  • Parking Mode - They go to sleep when you park but wake up at the lightest vibration in order to catch an accident or break-in.
  • Streaming - Streams footage to a companion app
  • Collision Warning - Like those new cars that tell you how close you are to other cars and if you're leaving your lane
  • Voice Command - You can order it to start/stop streaming, take pics, etc.


When you consider all of the things available in a dash cam and the cost point, it really just makes sense.

But, if you don't want to listen to the genius, then so be it...

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