Long Beach Is Banning New Drive-Thrus For At Least Six Months


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Don't lie.

We all know how much you love In-N-Out.

Most Californians wish and pray for the burger joint to be added in their neighborhood.

Well I am sorry to send you such bad news, Long Beach. Your city's council members just voted in a 7-0 vote to ban all new drive-thurs for the next six months.

This decision comes more than a month after the panel first approved the idea.

City staff said the ban would go into effect immediately and it effects the nine applications for new drive-thrus that we're currently being processed.

This vote came after a heated debate that occurred during an April Meeting on the topic.

Long Beach's director of Development Services, Linda Tatum, said this give the city the time to look at their drive-thru policy. Many were raising concerns about drive-thrus environmental impacts, safety, and aesthetics.

Council members said they agreed a study was needed, but some weren’t convinced that a moratorium was needed to accomplish that.

“I fully support the study,” Councilman Daryl Supernaw said at the time. “What I’m asking is that we don’t go to a moratorium. I think it’s onerous. I think it prejudices the study moving forward.”

“What’s being proposed tonight is a very small thing,” Councilman Rex Richardson said, “a six-month pause while we figure it out.”

I don't know about you, but having a Chick-Fil-A on my neighborhood's corner wouldn't ruin its aesthetics.

Listen to Mo' Kelly and the crew's conversation on the ban and all things drive-thrus.

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