People Are Killing Their Pets Just So They Can Be Buried With Them...

There's a long list of valid reasons for euthanizing a pet.

Basically, any illness or ailment that drastically decreases their quality of life, or your typical "end of life" situations.

Do you know what isn't a valid reason?

Because you are dying and you don't want to be buried without them!


I'm not talking about Egyptian pharaohs and their loads of mummified cats and stuff that they had prepared for the afterlife.

I'm talking about modern day Americans!

(How selfish do you have to be?!?! You're going to kill a perfectly healthy pet just because you can't stand the thought of being dead without them?!?! Honestly...)

Now, since pets are technically property, there's no law against putting a healthy animal down.

However, most veterinarians faced with this situation refuse to comply with the order on ethical grounds.

And, luckily, it is often illegal to have your pet buried with you, so this practice isn't too common nowadays.

There's still one problem, though...


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