Jane Wells talks about NASA's Drones Testing in Reno

Drones have been around quite a while now, and some people can say they understand how they work. But if you're like me, drones probably make you feel a little uneasy, especially knowing they are just flying around recording.

CNBC Special Correspondent Jane Wells reported on a few drones being tested by NASA in Reno, Nevada. They are trying to figure out ways to regulate their use before allowing companies to begin using them.

The drones are expected to be used by companies like Amazon and Google for deliveries and maybe an easier way to map out cities.

She says some issues they can face is communication issues, weather, and battery life.

Once NASA is done testing everything, they will pass it on to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to make regulations and enforce them.

Goldman Sachs estimates that the business will end up being about 100 billion dollars.

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