UPDATE On: UNBELIEVABLE! Reckless RV Pursuit! Dog Jumps Out of Window

Photo Credit: Bill Melugin Fox 11 @BillFoxLA

We know yesterday we experienced a crazy chase and that all of our concern is on the status of the dogs.

Luckily the dogs are okay and in stable condition.

One of the dogs was transported to an emergency clinic for treatment, while the other was fine and taken to the West Valley shelter, according to the Los Angeles Animal Services.

The injured dog was treated at VCA McClave Animal Hospital in Reseda

“She came in last night to our emergency room … she was stable when she came in, but had sustained pretty significant front tissue injury to her front paw and also a pretty significant laceration on her front paw," said Hughes Sanders told KTLA "She's doing well now."

Listen to Tim Conway Jr.'s conversation with Brenda Barnette, spokesperson for the Los Angeles Animal Services Dept. give an update on the dogs below:

As well, NBC LA reporter Kim Tobin joins the show to give us an update on the crazy lady that stole the RV and dogs.

Listen to their conversation below:

We have never seen a chase like this one. The driver is in custody after a pursuit of a stolen RV in the San Fernando Valley. The woman driver was hitting speeds of 80-90 MPH with two large dogs on her lap. One dog was seen trying to get out of the broken driver's windshield, panting anxiously, then finally jumped. The dog hit the asphalt, but got up and limped to the sidewalk.

The driver was weaving in and out of traffic and sheared off the right-side panel of the RV when she tried a u-turn and hit a palm tree. everything in the RV started spilling onto the road.

The woman driver then hit a white car at a very high-speed as the man driving the care was trying to pull into his driveway. She slammed into his car and pushed it up against a tree. The man crawled out of his mangled car, and collapsed to the ground writhing in pain.

After the RV hit the car, the driver ran from the RV and tried escaping police by climbing a fence, but was tackled by law enforcement. The other dog, ever the loyalist ran after his master with a bloody paw, leaving bloody paw prints all over the sidewalk. The police hand-cuffed the woman, and put a neck-brace on her as the dog stayed by her side.

Animal control rescued the dog that stayed with the woman. The dog that jumped from the windshield was found ran towards the L.A. river bed and is still MISSING.

So please if you are in he area, keep a look out for that injured dog.

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