Breaking News: John Hernandez Felix Found Guilty On All Charges

On Monday afternoon, John Hernandez Felix was found guilty on all counts for murdering two Palm Springs Police officers, and attempting to murder six others.

Officers Jose "Gil" Vega and Lesley Zerebny were the first on the scene responding to a domestic dispute at Felix's home, and were immediately shot and killed. A 12-hour standoff with Felix then ensued, where multiple others were injured.

Now, the case is under review to decide on the death penalty.

“Make no mistake the right person is sitting right there, he did this,” Manny Bustamante, the county prosecutor, said pointing at Felix. “His choices brought us here."

Felix's defense attorney, John Patrick Dolan, argued that his "rampant drug use" and mental handicaps were the reason why he couldn't premeditate the murders.

Read the full story on the Desert Sun.

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