Baby Talk: Not Just For Babies

Ever overhear a couple talking “baby talk” to each other? Notice that I didn’t ask if YOU ever talk baby talk. I would never accuse you of such an annoying thing.

Well, turns out there are actual benefits to goo going to your partner, at least according to some recent research.

But first: how prevalent is the baby talk? Apparently, multiple surveys reveal that approximately three out of four couples engage in baby talk (at least sometimes). Gross! Baby talk is seen across almost all cultures.

So that only proves that a lot of people do it. It doesn’t mean that it helps with anything, right? Some research says that, yes it does! Let’s explore:

A survey published in the International Association For relationship Research Journal found that people who engage in baby talk also reported higher levels of security in their relationships, as well as an overall higher degree of healthy attachment generally. Relationship satisfaction in areas such as communication, sex, and feelings of lover were higher in baby talking couples.

The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships looked at pet names. You know, like calling your significant other “sweet pea,” “dumpling,” or “big daddy.” Using something called the Spanier Dyadic Adjustment Scale, researchers determined that couples who used pet names had higher degrees of satisfaction. Another interesting thing: the use of pet names declines over the course of a relationship.

Baby talk also figures into how loyal Men are perceived as being by their partners. Generally, women are attracted to men with deeper voices. These men, however, are also perceived as more prone to cheating (and I’m not talking about at checkers). When men use baby talk with their partners, the higher pitched manner of speaking makes them seem more loyal. That’s all according to The Journal of Evolutionary Psychology.

So the next time you want to improve your relationship, ask your significant other if they have an ouch ouch in their tummy tum. Just don’t do it in front of me.

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