Arnold Schwarzenegger Delivers Epic Response To Dropkick

You saw that correctly.

That is a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger taking a dropkick square to the middle of his back.

Did it knock him over?

Not even close.

Arnold took it like a M-A-N.

(And not like a normal man. A normal man would have hit the ground and milked it for sympathy from his wife for the whole weekend. No, Arnold to it like only Arnold could take it.)

And he tossed in a little staredown.

(Feet planted. He initiated the contact. A charge, Arnold. That was most definitely a charge.)

If you think his physical response is legendary, then you're really gonna love his Twitter response.

Did you know Arnold loves his Snapchat?


Two flying feet to his spine and he thought he got jostled?!?!

Seriously, how great is this guy???

Basically every single tweet he posted about the Arnold Sports competition in Africa included a push to his Snapchat account, and based on the beauty of his tweets, I can only imagine the gold that his Snapchat account provides on the daily.

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