DSP - The US/Iran War Drums

Iran flag oblique and people behind - Tehran

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

The United States has been ramping up its rhetoric against Iran lately.

After the sabotage of Saudi Arabian tankers earlier this month, there have been questions as to whether or not the United States will attempt to counter Iranian forces, who were suspected to be behind the attacks.

If you need a refresher course on those attacks, you can read more here.

Earlier this week, many media sites have questioned the Trump administration's rhetoric toward the Iranians.

These criticisms have mainly focused on Trump's National Security Adviser, John Bolton.

France24 discusses the Trump Administration's view of the Middle East and how Iran is the one country that someone like John Bolton would target.

He has used terms such as "unrelenting force" while responding to possible attacks from Iran.

But will we eventually go to war with Iran? Let's see what Bryan Suits has to say.

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