Homelessness Rises by 17% in San Francisco

Homeless man asking for money at the street

Photo Cred: Getty Images

San Francisco has been trying to fight the vagrant population through multiple different means.

However, a new study shows that despite all of this, the population has increased by 17%.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that there was a street count in January and there were 8,011 vagrants according to federal guidelines.

Two years ago, there were 6,858 which is an increase of 1,153 vagrants.

That count of 8,011 vagrants will probably be lower than the final tally because the federal guidelines are different than what can actually be considered "homeless" by city guidelines.

The last time San Francisco had a vagrant count as high as 8,000 was in 2004 which counted 8,640.

The vagrant population has not only increased in San Francisco, but in most places in California. The only place that seems to have had a dip in the vagrant population is Kern County that has dropped 7% since the last count.

Last year California reported the highest vagrant population with 129,972 people living on the streets.

London Breed, the new mayor of San Francisco had this to say about those numbers, "We need more resources from the federal and state governments for housing, period, and we need to build housing faster. S.F. can't do it alone".

According to the most recent report, however, there is some "good" news. Homeless veterans and youth have actually gone down, while homeless families have remained consistent.

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