Full-Day Kindergarten Proposed For CA

A requirement to have all public and charter schools in California to enroll kindergarten students into a full-day class has taken its first steps after passing a committee vote in the California Assembly on Friday.

According to the bill’s author, “Full-day kindergarten programs close achievement gaps between young children from minority and low-income families and their peers who reside in more affluent areas. By providing a solid foundation of learning to children from all backgrounds, full-day kindergarten programs ensure all students’ academic, social, and emotional success”

If the bill becomes law, A.B. 197 would have California school districts provide a "full-day kindergarten (that) is the same number of minutes per school day that is offered to pupils in 1st grade."

The bill would take effect in the 2022-23 school year for all public and charter schools.

School districts in California offer a morning and afternoon session, which use the same classrooms. The bill addresses the potential lack of space for students stating: "full-day kindergarten must be a priority for school districts and reserving or obtaining space for the full-day kindergarten program must take precedence over all non-class requirements."

Thirteen states, plus the District of Columbia, require full-day kindergarten classes.

San Diego Assemblywoman Shirley Weber says kindergarten students should have the opportunity to maximize their growth and development with a longer instructional day.

Photo: Getty Images

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