Uber Offers Quiet Mode for Riders

Riding in an Uber

Photo by why kei on Unsplash

Have you ever been in an Uber and the driver won't stop talking?

Well, if you're a premium Uber member, you're in luck! Uber Black and Uber Black SUV now have a quiet mode where you can ride in silence.

It isn't cheap -- two or three times more expensive than Uber X. If you have money to spend or people to talk to, it can be worth it. If you're broke like the rest of us, you might have to put up with the driver talking during your ride.

The way it works is -- you choose in the app either quiet preferred, happy to chat -- or if you're feeling lucky -- no preference.

It all started as a joke -- and Uber made it a reality.

That's not the only new features. You can tell the driver you need help with luggage, communicate the car temperature, and even if you need the driver to wait for you a little longer than usual.

Yahoo! Finance talked about it a little bit. You can find the video here.

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