#TerrorInTheSkies: Homicide & Hooch

(Christian Richard Martin - Courtesy of Christian County Detention Center)

See that shirt he's wearing?

Does it look familiar?

Maybe like a pilot's uniform?

Well, that's because it is.

(Talk about a delayed flight...)

This is Christian Richard Martin. He was all set and ready to fly a plane full of paying passengers out of Louisville International Airport when law enforcement officers came on board and arrested him.

Not for being drunk on the job.

Not for an expired pilot certification.


A triple homicide.

It is believed that the former Army Ranger killed three of his neighbors in 2015. One of the victims was shot to death and the other two were found in a burned up car.

(You hear that, Shannon? He was an ARMY RANGER. You still sure you want retired military guys as your pilots all the time???)

Read the full story at New York Post

(But, as it turns out, Shannon may never get on a plane again, because the world is slowly becoming a place that she just isn't ok with...)

A man was removed from a Southwest flight over the weekend when he made a joke about a water bottle.


The flight was supposed to be a short one from Sacramento to LAX. Unfortunately, when a maintenance light came on, the plane had to halt its departure and go back to the gate. The maintenance stop burned so much fuel that the plane then had to refuel, causing an even longer delay.

Luckily, the flight crew gave out bottles of water to all the passengers that had seen their 45-minute flight get turned into a multi-hour affair.

Unluckily, one member of the flight crew had no sense of humor.

According to FOX 40, one of the passengers made a joke about the refreshments.

"They should be passing out vodka because we’ve been waiting so long."

Harmless, right?

Apparently not to one flight attendant.

"I don’t think that and I didn’t like your joke."

The next thing everyone knew, the plane was back at the gate and sheriff's deputies were removing the man from the flight.

Over a joke about a water bottle.

What is this world coming to...

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