Huell Howser & Bellio Back Together: The Humble Warner Bros. Tour Guide

We learned a lot more about Producer Bellio on the air today as she took us on a walk down memory lane, allll the way down to her time as a Warner Bros. studio tour guide! But we all had one question, was she a good one?! Bellio was interviewed by the iconic Huell Howser! How cool is that? Here is a snippet at the end of the Warner Bros. tour where Huell talks to Bellio and her tour group.

Thankfully, we found some answers. And... they were absolutely hilarious.

Huell Howser just so happened to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the historic lot one day while Bellio was working. Check out the video HERE, and if you want to fast-forward to the good stuff, we suggest starting exactly at 54:54!

Dr. Ray Caosciari from St. Joseph in Orange even called into the show because something Tour Guide Bellio said was THAT profound!

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