Animals Can Be Soooooooo Gross!

Simmer down, folks. I love animals. I even do a podcast with Clay Roe from The John and Ken Show called Heavy Petting, all about fun and interesting animal stories. You can find that podcast on the free iHeart Radio App.

So when I say that animals are gross, I just mean that some of them have habits that are……..gross.

Need an example? OK!

Did you actually forget that dogs eat poo!?!? Doing that is called Coprophagia by the way. Fun fact for your next cocktail party.

How about the Aphids who make nests in plants? They secrete a sticky goo that they use as a kind of cement to make their homes. Some of them squirt out so much of this goo that they are left in a deflated state, LIKE A POPPED PIMPLE! (they are still alive and everything).

Let’s take a moment to marvel at the gross relationship between frogs and certain beetles.

When a bombardier beetle is swallowed by a frog, it sets off a mixture of volatile chemicals. The frog cannot vomit. So the frog instead turns its stomach inside out to eject the beetle. Ever seen a frog with its stomach hanging out of its mouth?? No thanks!

And finally, please be aware that seals often get hookworms, which come out in their feces. Seagulls, apparently, love the taste of a good hookworm. So I hope you can sleep tonight knowing that seagulls will eat the hookworms right out of the seal poop AS THE SEAL IS POOPING!

I hope this post has been of service to anyone trying out intermittent fasting, because writing it has ensured I won’t be eating anything for a while.

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