There Were Warnings in Colorado Months before Attack

School Shooting In Highlands Ranch, Colorado Leaves 1 Dead And Multiple Injured

Photo cred: Michael Ciaglo

On Tuesday, there was a deadly shooting at the STEM School in Highlands Ranch in Colorado.

Two students opened fire on their classmates killing one and injuring eight.

All of this may have been prevented.

Reuters reports that on December 19, the director of STEM received a letter from a concerned parent claiming that there was bullying, "an extremely high drug culture", and that the school may be the next Columbine.

A police report was filed and there was an investigation.

A statement was released saying, "While STEM took the allegations seriously, our investigation revealed no evidence to support any of the allegations".

Even though there was "no evidence" the shooting still occurred, people got hurt, and one person was even killed.

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