Gavin Newsom Wants To Double The Spending On Homelessness

Governor Gavin Newsom Announces He Will Sign Moratorium On Executions In California

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We shouldn't act so shocked, but Gov. Gavin Newsom has come up with another horrible idea.

The governor has proposed a $213 BILLION state budget that would be spent on K-12 education, wildfires, and homelessness.

Well, this is his revised budget from his first proposal in January. It's now up $4.5 billion and maintains a $21.5 billion surplus, the state's largest in 20 years.

This announcement will kick off negotiations with lawmakers, who must pass a budget by June 15 or lose pay.

Regarding the homeless, Newsom is proposing $150 million more in grants to help the homeless since his original proposal in January. He also wants to add $40 million to public colleges to assist homeless students.

"This homeless issue is out of control," Newsom said. "It is a stain on the state of California."

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