Crocs Shoes? Old News. Gator Pants? The Next Hot Trend!

Believe me, I really wanted this to be a #MugshotOfTheDay, but when there's no booking photo, there isn't much that can be done.

So, rather than focusing on the mugshot (which I think we can all do a pretty good job of imagining...), we are focusing on the cargo.

That's right. This lady was carrying something.

We're not talking about drugs or weapons.

We're talking about an alligator.

(Did I mention this happened in Florida?)

A living, breathing, one-foot long baby alligator.

In her yoga pants.

Do you know what kind of pants have pockets large enough to hold a one-foot baby alligator?

There's probably a lot.

Do you know what kind of pants don't have pockets large enough to hold a one-foot baby alligator?

Yoga pants.

That didn't stop 25-year-old Ariel Machan-Le Quire.

She was stopped along with Michael Clemons early Monday morning when they ran a stop sign.

Now, according to the Miami Herald, the couple didn't really deny that they had wildlife in the truck. They immediately told the officers that they were out collecting frogs and snakes under the overpass.

However, after discovering that they had a backpack full of 41 turtles, the officer knew there was more going on.

(The following is a creative adaptation of their likely interaction.)

OFFICER: “Do you have anything else?”

WOMAN: "What? Who? Me?"

OFFICER: "Yes, you."

WOMAN: "What on Earth could you be referring to?"

OFFICER: "Oh, I don't know. Maybe the alligator that I can see writhing around on your thigh."

WOMAN: "Oh, yea, well, funny story..."

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