The Kentucky Derby Ends in a Controversial Way

The Kentucky Derby was this Saturday and it ended in a controversial way.

Originally, the horse, Maximum Security, won the race with 9-2 odds.

However, there was an objection raised saying that Maximum Security bumped into Country House near the end and caused Country House to lose.

Let's see the play in slow motion.

Do you think that bump is enough to be considered interference? Well, the officials running the event reviewed the footage and disqualified Maximum Security, leading to Country House winning with 65-1 odds. This is the first time in Kentucky Derby history where a horse was taken down.

If you don't think the bump was enough for a disqualification, you're not alone.

A lot of people have already said that the disqualification was unjust.

NBC reports that Gary West, owner of Maximum Security, appealed the decision and it has since been denied.

President Trump even weighed in on the decision.

You know what the worst part about this disqualification is?

Poor Tim bet on Maximum Security and lost his bet!

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