It's Time to Laugh about Menopause!

What do 100% of all women of a certain age have in common? Menopause! And MEN!! Yooohooo...this involves you, too. Chances are you have a mother, wife, sister, boss, colleague or friend who you may need your support.There's no getting around it, so why not know more about ways to handle it and maybe make it FUNNY? Performer and producer Gina Jourard joins Dr. Wendy to talk about her own experience with menopause and the debut of her new "feel better musical comedy” HOT FLASHIN'!

Dr. Wendy also goes over new studies on menopause and gives tips on ways to make the change more manageable. Exercising is helpful, yes, but not just any exercise. Knowledge is power. Yeeeessss!!!

HOT FLASHIN' will be performing at The Odyssey Theatre in West L.A. May 9th through May 19th. For more information and to get tickets, click HERE!


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