Cops Cannot Enforce Anti-Camping Laws in San Clemente

A few thousand people have now filed a petition to get the city to do something about the encampment which sits on the sidewalk near a Metro-link station in North Beach. Residents in San Clemente say homeless people blocking a disabled man from getting on a train is the last straw. Law enforcement says "of course a person in a wheelchair has entitled access to public services." The problem is that a federal appeals court has already ruled that cops cannot enforce anti-camping laws without having shelter beds available.

People in San Clemente claim that the city has been talking about a shelter for some time, but behind closed doors. The whole issue is expected to be in front of the council next week.

"The gentlemen in the wheelchair, I think was the back breaker."

Eva O’Keefe founder of San Clemente Cares says people are scared to even come to North Beach where tents litter the Metro-link station.

"There's a bunch of human feces here. Someone told me that on the platform there's a bunch of rotten food, we see needles. None of our laws are being enforced, O’Keefe told KFI News.

This man is one of the many complaining at the encampment stop in North Beach. "We've never had this problem before and it's getting really disrespectful.

KFI News went on scene today and captured photos and video.

Warning - Graphic content below

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