Poo & Pee, The Mascots We Never Knew We Needed

Remember all those times when you weren't sure what you should flush down the toilet?

I bet you didn't think about it when you faced that flushing fiasco, but wouldn't it have been nice to have some dancing mascots to help you understand what can go down the pipes?

No. You didn't.

Nobody did.


But Metro Vancouver still delivered.

Meet Poo and Pee.

These two fuzzy buddies helped launch Metro Vancouver's annual Unflushables campaign this year.

This project just goes around and makes sure that people understand that you shouldn't flush dental floss, hair, paper towels, tampons, and condoms down the toilet.

Now, although a lot of people need to hear that message and understand that toilets aren't the same thing as garbage disposals (which also have a lengthy of list things you shouldn't put in them, so I'm really not sure how good of a metaphor that is...), do they really need dancing doo doo and prancing peep pee to understand it?

Probably not.

But, that's what they got.

Thank you, Canada.

(Oh, and sidenote...if you were wondering how much the massive movements cost, a Metro Vancouver spokesperson told CBC News that the bowel bill was under $10,000.)

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