#MugshotOfTheDay: Dairy Queen Double-Up

(Levi Roberts - Courtesy of Pueblo PD)

Sometimes one Blizzard just isn't enough...

Now, I'd like to say that's what Levi Roberts was feeling when he attempted to rob a Pueblo, Colorado Dairy Queen for the SECOND TIME in one day, but I'm pretty sure he was just after the money.

Police were originally called to the restaurant around 9pm when a man armed with two guns robbed the store and attempted to carjack a customer in the drive-thru.

Then, just two hours later, he showed up again.

(Now, I'm not sure how much business the average suburban Dairy Queen does on a weeknight between 9 and 11pm, but I'm guessing it wouldn't make for much of a haul for a robbery.)

Again, he failed to carjack someone.

But this time, the police did not fail to catch him.

They set up a perimeter and used their night vision equipment to find the 37-year-old in a field.

According to KKTV, he's facing two counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of attempted robbery and felony menacing.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that this guy looks pretty familiar...

Well, you may know him from his 2018 mugshot!

This the very same Levi Roberts that attempted to rob a Harley-Davidson store in Lindon, Utah back in August.

That time, according to Daily Herald, he tried to steal a bunch of merchandise by putting it in a backpack and running out of the store after a credit card he tried to use was declined multiple times.

(At least he's consistent?)

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