Counterfeit Cannabis Discussion with Joel Grover on the Conway Show

Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana has been regulated as a drug in the United States since the mid-1930s. By 1970, it was completely outlaws across the country. Prop. 215 in 1996 was the first of many policies statewide that conflicted with federal law. Of course California was the progressive one to do it, and it was meant for medical purposes at first.

In 2016, Prop. 64 in California legalized it for recreational use.

There are tons of shops that have been open and are opening up around Los Angeles, and there are tons of products containing THC and CBD that are derived from cannabis.

Joel Grover and the NBC Los Angeles investigation team went in depth to find some answers.

Grover is an award-winning investigative reporter that has done reports on pot delivery services, health scares, and homelessness, all in Los Angeles.

NBC Los Angeles also has a page on their website dedicated to the recreation marijuana industry.

The report will be aired tonight at 11 p.m.

If you aren't familiar with Prop. 64 and what it means, this KCET video breaks it down.

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