Burglars Butt-Dial the Cops After a Robbery

Police and Fire

We've all had an embarrassing butt-dialing moment. Whether we called an ex, co-worker, or family member, we've all had one of those moments where we call someone on accident and they heard something that we didn't want them to hear.

But, has your butt-dial ever led to you getting arrested?

Probably not, right?

Well, two burglars in Texas found themselves in that exact position.

On Sunday, ABC News reported that a group of three men robbed a Best Buy in Sugar Land, Texas and as they were fleeing, one of them accidentally butt-dialed 911. The 911 operator did not hear anyone on the other end of the phone. Instead, they only heard background noise.

Officers were already on their way to the scene of the crime because of the store alarm, but they were able to track the cell phone due to the accidental call.

A chase ensued which reached speeds up to 120 mph.

All three suspects eventually bailed from the truck and two of them were captured. The third one is still at large.

So next time you accidentally butt-dial someone, try not to do it when you're doing something wrong. Actually, just don't do anything wrong. Be safe and be good.

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