Death Metal v.1.03b 24/7!!!!!

Artificial intelligence has given us computer code generated pop hits, works of art, books, and even your Netflix suggested viewing list.

The procedure to get a computer to generate something that humans normally create is basically the same, no matter the goal. You feed examples of what you want the computer to make, and a machine learning algorithm slices and dices the data before beginning the process of assembling the bits and doodads of what you put in there into new variations.

Here's an example of some new age type music composed by the Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist (AIVA).

This piece was apparently generated for the city council of Nanjing in China.

Pretty good! But you may prefer your AI music with a little more ooomph.

That's where the YouTube channel Dadabots comes in. The people behind this channel started with a real death metal band called Archspire. What do THEY sound like, you are no doubt salivating to know. OK, here you go:


Believe me, this post is not to extol the virtues of death metal. It's not my jam, but it may be yours (almost certainly it is not though).

Anyway, they fed all of Archaspire's music into a neural network and now THERE IS A 24/7 STREAMING CHANNEL OF AI CREATED DEATH METAL!!!!!!

Let us discern the subtle but obvious differences between the music of Archspire and the music created by the neural network:


At least it's not hurting anyone like that HAL 9000 jerk.

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