Burglars Breaking Into Best Buy Butt-Dialed 911, Police Say

Two men were arrested early Saturday after one of them accidentally butt-dialed 911 while they were breaking into a Texas Best Buy, Houston police said.

The pair allegedly stole several laptops and other electronic items from the Best Buy in Sugar Land, Texas, early Saturday. Police say the three suspects entered the big box electronics store, tripping the alarm at around 3 a.m. At the same time, dispatchers also received a 911 call from a phone in the area, but no one could be heard on the line - just background noises.

Authorities pinged the cell phone and determined the signal was coming from the Best Buy. When police arrived on the scene, the three suspects fled the area, and led police on a 40-minute chase that reached speeds of 120 mph, authorities said.

"[He] somehow butt-dialed 911, they put it all together, officers were already en route to the alarm call when they got the other 911 call," a spokesperson for the Houston Police Department told KTRK.

The suspects eventually bailed out of their vehicle in northeast Houston, and ran along the bayou on Los Angeles Street near the North Loop. Officers used a helicopter and K-9 officers to track two of the suspects down and take them into custody.

The third suspect is still at large, authorities said.

Authorities found stolen laptops and other electronics from Best Buy inside the suspects' truck.

Photo: Getty Images

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